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  Maptips (What is this?)

 Administrative and Political


 County Subdivisions

 State Boundary

 Planning Regions

 Economic Development Regions

 Workforce Service Areas

 Transportation Analysis Zones

 School Districts

 ZIP Codes

 Parcel Boundaries


 Block Group

 Surrounding States Counties


 Aerial Photos 2009

 Base Map



 Hiawatha LRT

 Park and Ride Stations

 Publicly Funded Airports


 Bus Routes

 Services and Resources

 Workforce Centers

 Family Child Care Providers

 Child Care Centers



 Colleges and Universities

 K-12 Public Schools

 Foreclosures 2007

 2007 Non-Residential Construction

 2009 Affordable Housing

 Industry Clusters

 Computer IT Industry

 Financial Services

 Grain and Oilseed Milling

 Machinery and Manufacturing Industry

 Medical Devices Industry

 Printing Industry

 Wind Industry

 Wood Industry


 Residence Workforce

 Employed Residents by Age

 Employed Residents by Income

 Employed Residents by Industry

 Workplace Characteristics

 Employed Workers by Age

 Employed Workers by Income

 Employed Workers by Industry


 Building Permits- Bar Chart


 Clear background and charts


 Percent Population Change Estimates, 2003-2008

 Percent Foreign Born Population, 2000

 Population in Poverty, 2000

 Median Income, 2000




 Percent Population in Poverty

 Median Income


 Quarterly Census of Employment


 Economic Development

 Foreclosure Rate by County

 USPS Residential Vacancy

 USPS Business Vacancy

 Landcover Classification, 2000

 Residential Building Permits

 Housing Density

 Median Rent

 Planned Land Use

 Land Use 2000


 High Cost Loan Originations

 Mortgage Originations by Loan Applications

 Mortgage Originations by Housing Units

 Avg. Sales Tax Revenue by Business 2007

 Total Sales Tax Revenue 2007

 Percent Change in Avg Sales Tax Revenue by Business, 2006-2007

 Percent Change in Total Sales Tax Revenue, 2006-2007

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